Tourism: Scenarios in Debate - Impacts of the Sharing Economy

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The National Confederation of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CNC) guides and defends the rights and interests of the Brazilian business community in the commerce of goods, services and tourism. CNC’s Tourism and Hospitality Business Council (Cetur) carries out planning and offers support to actions for the growth of the tourism business in Brazil. Cetur promotes the discussion, organization and dissemination of studies that demonstrate the importance of this sector in Brazil’s economic and social development.

Speaking of such studies, we would like to take the opportunity to share the translations to our recently launched study on the Impacts of the Sharing Economy, a compilation of the discussions carried out throughout 2017 in the Tourism - Scenarios in Debate series of seminars, held in our Rio de Janeiro auditorium. In addition to bringing the vision of 27 experts, representatives of segments such as food, transportation and hospitality. The document offers recommendations that point out ways to the general tourism market, to the cities and to local and national legislators.

Among the key international guests, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), represented by its Director of the Tourism Market Trends Programme, John Kester, contributed the theme by presenting a survey on the impact of collaborative economy on world tourism. Dan Peltier, Skift reporter, presented the main results of the Skift Megatrends study. Brazilian tourism, in turn, was represented by its main entities and researchers.

Through initiatives such as those contained in this document, Cetur / CNC stresses the importance of balancing disruptions with the reality of formal tourism businesses, which encompass more than 60 segments, pay taxes, generate jobs and income for the country. In doing so, it reaffirms its role as a qualified business forum for the debate and formulation of a proposal to increase tourism.

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